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DSI Getränkearmaturen

Quality made in Germany

Our Products

Extractor Tubes

Due to our continous improvements in technology, we can give a 5 years guarantee for almost all our systems. Specialisied sealing systems made from high-grade materials are now standard for all our spears. DSI spears allow for easy fitting and maintenance. The safety device protects your employees and customers during their daily work.

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Dispense Heads

Our dispense head program covers all spear systems in the market. Perfect compability combined with approved quality distinguish our dispense heads from those of other manufactors. From basic models we can adapt to your individual tapping system with: ball valves (brass/stainless steel), hose nozzles, lip-valves, JG Push-In-Adapters, etc. Your logo on the handle strenthens your brand awareness.

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Pressure Regulators

DSI has more than 100 years of experience in design and production of pressure regulators. This should be your advantage.

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Beer Taps

The approved tap technology in our tap heads combined with the choice of different different material and finishes along with individual handles give outstanding brand identity.

variety of connectors and sizes gives the right solution for any application. Easy handling and cleaning is our standard.

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