With the draft units, for the Schaefer Draft-2-Go kegs (external), DSI has delivered the perfect solution for dispensing. Robust and well-known technology – in terms of handling and cleaning – paired with a specially developed pressure reducer. This is pre-adjusted to a fixed dispensing pressure and thus delivers a consistent dispensing result.

The pre-cooled keg can ensure suitable and almost stable temperature of the tapped beer in the insulation and this over several hours. See for yourself.

The dispensing units consist of a gas connection, a preset pressure regulator, a dispensing head with an under-counter outlet and a piston beer tap with a compensator. All metal components with beverage contact are made of stainless steel.

  • SK certified / DIN compliant : SK-030-060

For more information about the keg, as well as the insulation with drip tray or other equipment such as cooling sleeves, we are happy to help or you can contact the company Schäfer (external) directly.

YouTube user manual (DE): Draft-2-Go user manual (external)

D2G draft unit, A-Type

D2G draft unit, G-Type

D2G draft unit, S-Type

D2G draft unit, D-Type

D2G draft unit, M-Type

D2G draft unit, U-type