Long-term visions for sustainable market success

Our mission

We develop, engineer, and manufacture extraordinary integrated dispense systems for a better beverage experience.

Through a flexible approach and a worldwide reactive and collaborative team of experts, we help the beverage industry players to meet customers’ needs and anticipate market requirements and trends.

With our local factories we are able to deliver, on a global scale, finished products and components combinable with each others, offering integrated solutions.
We are committed to a sustainable value chain, products with recycled and recyclable materials, in order to give a better beverage experience to the end user, and a better future for everyone.

Quality and environmental policy

The corporate policy of DSI Micro Matic GmbH aims to achieve long-term objectives. For our company, long-term means constantly adapting to changing market conditions and customer requirements. Because only by constantly satisfying our customers will we be able to continue to operate in the market in a customer-orientated manner in the future and thus ensure economic success and the preservation of jobs. To ensure that every employee of our company considers customer-orientation to be the top priority in their daily work, guiding principles have been established as company maxims and communicated throughout the company.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest asset!

The primary objective of all activities in our company is to fulfil the customer’s expectations of our company and our performance. This applies to every employee and their respective workplace and not just only to employees in direct contact with customers.

For us, quality means that every customer has the right to the best support!

Quality is the basis for customer satisfaction. It is defined by our customers. We must therefore constantly develop with the aim of not only maintaining our current level, but also improving it further – in terms of our quality and our profitability.

The organization of our company is focused on the needs of our customers!

With an efficient organization of our company, we pursue the objectives of avoiding errors, thus meeting our quality standards and thereby increasing the profitability of our company. Both factors benefit our customers first and foremost ensures the long-term existence of our company and thus the jobs of all our employees.

Our qualified team is always motivated and organized!

Our quality is primarily dependent on the qualifications of our employees, who we enable to fulfil their tasks independently and with the highest quality through continuous training and education measures. In order to ensure a continuous increase in quality and efficiency, managers and employees alike are required to create a working environment and working conditions that have a stimulating and motivating effect on their daily work.

Active environmental awareness is an integral part of a good company!

As our day-to-day business consists of a large number of environmentally relevant activities, it is a logical matter of course for us to handle work equipment properly and minimise the consumption of environmentally harmful substances in order to protect our environment. We are committed to strict compliance with all binding obligations, such as environmental regulations and rules.
We endeavour to continuously improve our environmental management system in order to improve our environmental performance by, among other things, testing alternative environmentally friendly products and processes and by substituting hazardous substances.
We are committed to avoiding or minimizing waste and environmentally harmful emissions. Environmental impacts are considered in procurement with regard to use and disposal.

We also want to present our environmental policy in every company presentation.

Core values


We not only claim to be sustainable, we demonstrate it step by step.


For us, being innovative means seeing change as an opportunity to be seized.


We respond quickly to every request and develop customized solutions.


We are the first choice for customized solutions and consulting services.


Every single employee is important to the company’s success and makes a recognizable contribution. We maintain a very intensive and trusting working relationship, which is characterized by fairness, honesty and respect.


We have more than 100 years of experience with beverage products at our DSI Micro Matic GmbH location in Hamm, Westphalia.