Shut-off valves

Precision, Hygiene and 100% leak tight: our shut-off valves, with proven ball valve technology, are available completely in stainless steel and feature a gap-free hygienic design.

Some standard specifications are shown below, although other connections can also be realized.

The program consists of “simple” SOV, which are screwed directly onto the piston of the coupler, as well as the rotatable designed SOVs as well as angled designs – in order to guide the beer outlet at the coupler to the horizontal in a space-saving way. Furthermore, we have 3-way valves, either to switch between two beer lines or, for example, a water connection, to rinse the beer line can be switched on. Also wall brackets for SOVs are in the program.

  • Ball valve technology according to the “Free-Flow” concept
  • Stainless steel ball in Teflon socket
  • Maintenance-free
  • all available in stainless steel = SK certified / DIN compliant : SK-172-002
  • wall mounting possible
  • different connections like nozzle, thread, PushFit, etc. possible
  • inner diameter : 10 mm or 8,5 mm

Please contact us with your product inquiries and we will be happy to advise you, also on special solutions.

internal- x external- thread, fix

Internal thread x PuShFit, fix

2x G3/8 flare, rotatable

Internal- x external thread, rotatable stud

Shut-off valve, 90° angled

G3/8 flare x Nozzle, rotatable

3-way valve, manually

3-way valve, electric