DSI, together with the Micro Matic Group, is in a constant process of ideas and innovation, looking for new technologies, solutions, improvements – in order to always respond to the latest customer and market needs.

If you have any ideas, problems, observations or similar, please contact us, no matter how big or small. We are, as described, always open for a discussion and happy to support you. Parallel to the development of technical approaches, we work with you on the necessary business model along our innovation process.

Here, we stand for our agility and speed in addressing such topics and can draw on the know-how and capabilities of the entire group to find the right solution for each task.

Composite Coupler, S-Type

NFC-TAG, Data-Chip integrated in S-Type spear

D-iDraft Smart draft system

Sleeve-Valve; pressure release vavle for one-way kegs